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We are happy to announce that there are new language translations ready for watching online and download. Check them out by clicking on each respective language below:


















Bible for Children is excited to offer you the opportunity to make your own personalized readings of our Bible stories for your children and grandchildren.  Bible for Children grants you the right to use our stories to produce videos for your children and grandchildren.
This can be done in any language!

Many people now have smartphones or tablets which can record videos.  Many people are also using YouTube to upload these videos for others to enjoy.  Now you can use these same technologies to leave a lasting memorial for your children and grandchildren.

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Samson disobeyed God.  

The great strength God gave him left when his hair was cut.  Samson should not have been where he was, doing what he was doing.  

Disobedience to God always ends in tragedy.

But Samson's hair began to grow again.  He remembered God.  When Samson prayed to God, God gave Samson his old strength back again.  Samson was able to destroy God's enemies.

It's always good to stop disobeying and pray to God for help.

Prayer: Lord, please help me to obey You today and always.  Amen.

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'Daddy, daddy, Jesus told me to give all of my allowance,' said five year old Billy.

'Well, did He tell you where to give it?' asked his surprised father.

'Not yet,' replied Billy.

Later that same day, Billy was listening to a Christian radio program, and he heard a short message from a Christian ministry.

'Daddy, Daddy, Jesus told me where to give my allowance!' Billy excitedly exclaimed.

Soon after, an amazed father took his young son down to that ministry, and Billy gave his whole five dollars for Jesus.

Prayer: Dear God, thank You for speaking to a little boy.  Please speak to me.  Amen.

God told Moses, 'I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.' These were men from long ago who started the Hebrew nation. God had made promises to each one. Now the time had come for God to fulfill these promises, starting with a rescue mission. God planned to set the Hebrews free - and Moses was going to be the tool God used.

But Moses said to God, 'Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?' Moses knew he couldn't do a job like this.

'I will certainly be with you,' God told Moses. 'When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall serve Me on this mountain.'

God promised His presence and His success. God was trying to help Moses understand that when He asks somebody to do a job, He is always present to give success.

Do you know what God wants you to do? If you do, don't make excuses like Moses. God will be with you, and you will have success.

Prayer:  Dear God, You are so amazing.  Thank you for always helping me to do Your will. Amen.

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After days of travel, Moses arrived at a well. He saw some women trying to get water for their flocks. But the men-shepherds were pushing them away. Moses helped the women.

Their father took Moses into his home and gave him a job as a shepherd. Later, Moses married one of his daughters.

It looked like Moses was settled. But, one special day, Moses was grazing the sheep and he noticed a bush on fire. Even though the bush was in flames, it didn't burn up. When Moses went closer, a Voice said, 'Take off your shoes. This is holy ground.' Moses knew that this was the Voice of God.

That special day, God told Moses what He wanted Moses to do. God wanted Moses to go back to Egypt, go to the palace, and tell the king that God wanted him to set the Hebrew people free from slavery.

Oh, boy. That was a tough job. Moses was scared. He didn't want to do it. After all, he had run away from the palace in fear. He was a wanted man.

Do you think God was able to change Moses' mind?

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You that You know where I am right now - please help me to know what You want me to do. Amen.

Moses grew up in the king's palace. The princess hired his mother to baby-sit him so Moses must have known his own family pretty well. It seems he always knew he was a Hebrew, even though he was adopted into the family of the Egyptian king.

When Moses was a man, he saw an Egyptian bullying a Hebrew man. Moses fought with the Egyptian and the Egyptian died. Next day, Moses saw two Hebrew men fighting. When he tried to stop them, one said, 'Are you going to kill me, like you killed the Egyptian yesterday?'

Moses knew that the King would hear about him killing an Egyptian, so he ran away from Egypt. He went through the desert to a place far away. Maybe he thought he would never see his family again. Maybe he felt hopeless. But God had plans for Moses. Nobody need ever feel hopeless because God knows and God cares, even when things seem to go wrong.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for caring. You know my needs today. Help me to have hope in You. Amen.

Long ago, a little boy was born in Egypt. He had an older brother and sister.  The family belonged to the Hebrew race, a nation that had become slaves in Egypt. So many Hebrew children were being born that the king of Egypt ordered that all Hebrew baby boys were to be killed. Wasn't that a horrible law?

This little boy wasn't killed. Instead, his parents hid him until he was three months old. Then they made a little boat out of a baby's basket and left their son by the riverside with his older sister standing close by to see what would happen.

Can you imagine what happened? The king's daughter - the child of the king who made such a cruel law - came to bathe. When she found the baby she decided to adopt him. And she gave him a name. The baby's new name was Moses.

God did many wonderful things through Moses' life. But wasn't it great that even before Moses knew God, God was watching out for him there at the river bank? God had work for Moses to do! You can read Moses' life story in the first five books of the Bible. The God who cared for Moses cares for you too and has a plan for your life.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, thank You that You are Lord over all. Amen.

'Did God really make the world?' Ralph asked his Dad. 'A boy in my class said that there used to be only dust in space and strong winds blew all the dust together and that is how the world happened.'

'It just shook together?' Dad smiled. 'Do you think that could happen?'

'I don't know.' Ralph sighed. 'This boy said his father doesn't believe the Bible - he says it's not true.'

'Just got blown together?' Dad repeated. 'Tell you what, Ralph. Go get your little sister's crossword puzzle - the one with only 12 pieces. I'm going to fix up this big fan.'

When Ralph came back Dad tumbled the puzzle pieces into a big basin and set the electric fan so it sent a strong breeze into the basin. All the pieces jumped around.'Shouldn't be long until the puzzle comes together. This is a lot easier than making a world,' Dad said.

'I don't think it's going to work,' Ralph replied. And he was right. Dad let the fan blow through the whole weekend. On Monday morning, not one piece of the puzzle had linked to another.

'Now take a look at the heavens, Ralph. The sun, the moon, the stars; do you really think they could just happen? Think about Spring-time and harvest. Could all that happen by chance? And do you think that something as wonderful as you could just happen because the wind blew some dust? No.' Dad put his hand on Ralph's shoulder. 'God made it all.'

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You that You are the great Creator and that You love everything You made. Amen.

Jerry wasn't allowed to look in his Dad's private drawer. His friends, Danny and Herb, dared him to. So he did. And he found a bag of tobacco, cigarette paper and matches. He took enough to make three cigarettes. Then the boys went to the woodshed.

When he drove on to the yard, Jerry's Dad heard laughter. He saw smoke coming from the open window of the wood-shed. Bursting in on the boys, he scolded them for what they were doing.  'Where did you get that evil stuff?' he shouted.

'Dad, I took it from a drawer close to your bed,' Jerry confessed.

Dad was furious. 'What is in that drawer is none of your business, do you understand!'

Jerry's five-year old sister Emily, who had heard Dad's voice, came into the shed. 'Hi, Daddy,' she called. She ran to him and took his hand. 'Ouch!' she cried.

Everybody looked at Dad's hand. He had forgotten - he was holding a lit cigarette.

As the boys stared, Dad seemed to be searching for words. He was quiet for a long time. Then he said, 'I am trying to keep you boys from forming a bad habit.' He looked at little Emily. 'I'm sorry, dear.' Then he said to the boys, 'And I'm sorry that I am not a good example.' He threw the cigarette out the door and stamped on it. 'That is my last cigarette. And I don't want to catch you boys smoking again, either.'

Jerry stepped close to Dad. 'I won't smoke again, Dad,' he promised.

Prayer: Lord, thank You that You can help Dads and children to know and do Your will. Amen.

Jake Peters. Winnipeg, Canada.

Mom and Dad helped Jimmy paint his room a nice light blue with a dark blue and white border. Now Jimmy could arrange it any way he liked. He picked up his favorite poster and looked around.

'I think it would be best on the wall opposite the window. It gets all the light there and you can see it from your bed,' Mom suggested. 'Also, we left that picture hanger in the wall so you wouldn't have to mark up the paint.'

'It's my room,' Jimmy thought. 'I'll put the poster where I want to.' Out loud he said, 'No, Mom, I'll put it over here, opposite the door.'

'Okay. You could use double-sided tape to stick it to the wall,' Mom said.

'No, Mom. I'll use a thumb-tack.' Jimmy stuck the thumb-tack through the poster into the wall. The poster was too heavy for the thumb-tack. It fell to the floor, leaving a little hole on the freshly-painted wall.

Mom sighed and left the room. Jimmy got his stapler and stapled the poster on each corner. It was a bit wavy in the middle so he stuck in a few more staples there too.

Lying in bed that night, Jimmy felt strangely troubled. 'I can't see my poster from here,' he thought. 'In the morning, I'll move it where Mom said.'

Next morning, Jimmy pulled out all the staples and hung the poster in its new spot. When he turned he saw the holes and scratches the staples had left on his newly-painted wall. It was a mess. 'Oh,' Jimmy thought. 'I wish I'd listened to Mom.'

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for our parents. Help us to heed their good advice. Amen.

Jake Peters. Winnipeg, Canada.

Johnny lay on his bed looking out of the window. He could see stars - millions of stars - more stars than he could ever count. In his imagination Johnny heard the God of heaven calling him to come up to travel among the stars.

'I would like to do that, Lord,' Johnny whispered sleepily. 'But there's a lot of darkness up there, too.'

From the blanket of stars above, one star began to shine brighter and brighter. To Johnny, it seemed that this bright star also grew larger and larger and came closer and closer. Soon it was so close and so bright that Johnny had to shut his eyes.

Kitchen sounds woke Johnny. Mom was making breakfast. At the table, he told her about the stars. 'Must have been a dream,' he muttered.

'Perhaps,' Mom replied. 'But what a nice dream. It reminds me of the Star that led the wise men to Jesus.'

'Yes,' Johnny's Dad added. 'It reminds me of something else.' He reached for the family Bible. 'It reminds me of Jesus, the bright and morning star. He came to bring light in the darkness.'

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, thank You that You are the light of the world. Amen.

Jake Peters. Winnipeg, Canada.

One day, Joey pulled an orange out of his pocket. He split it with his younger brother, Danny.

'Where did you get that?' Danny asked.

'From the store. I stole it.' Joey told him.

Danny thought his brother was a real hero. 'Was it hard to do?'

'I backed up against a big orange box and put one into my back pocket' Joey said. 'It's easy. Tomorrow, you can try.'

Next day, the boys went to the same store. Danny backed up to the big box and put an orange into his back pocket. On their way home Danny tore the orange in half and took a bite.

'Yuck. It's sour,' he shouted.

'That's not an orange, Danny! It's a lemon.' Joey told him. The boys threw away the lemon. When they got home, the storekeeper was at their house, talking to their Dad.

'Tell Dad we didn't do it,' Joey whispered. 'There's no proof.'

'Come here, boys.' Dad spoke sternly. 'Let me smell your hands.' He sniffed at the boys' hands then gave the storekeeper some coins.

'Lemon. I'm afraid you're right. I will look after this,' Dad said to the storekeeper. 'And I'm sorry that my boys have brought shame on them and on me.'

The boys felt bad.

'I have forgiven you - and paid for what you stole,' Dad told them. 'If you tell God you're sorry, He will forgive you and help you not to steal again.'

Joey and Danny both did what Dad said - and they never stole again.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for helping me not to steal. And thank You for forgiving all my sins. Amen.

Jake Peters. Winnipeg, Canada.

Scott watched his Mom carefully plant some pansies in her flower garden. <br><br>'Every flower looks like a little face,' Scot said.

'They do,' Mom replied. 'They remind me of little children.'

Scott laughed. 'Children don't have yellow or blue faces.'

'But there are many with different colored skin.' Mother straightened up. 'The world is like God's people garden, Scott. People are different.'

'You mean like Jason?' Scot asked. 'He's a different color.'

'Yes he is,' Mom said. 'God likes color and variety. And God loves all of us, no matter the color. The Bible says, 'God loved the world.''

'If God loves everybody does that mean everybody will go to heaven when they die?'

'If they believe in Jesus and trust Him,' Mom responded. 'Everybody who believes in Jesus and trusts Him will be in heaven.'

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me enough to die for me. Help me to love others and tell them You love them, too. Amen.

Sally Smith. Ontario, Canada.

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'Don't pull out the potato plants,' Mom called from the porch.

'Okay, Mom.' Helen skipped to the garden and ran along the row to the potato patch. She was going to fetch her favorite supper; a dish of boiled new potatoes. Mom would cook them, smother them with white sauce, and add lots of freshly picked peas.

Finding the two biggest plants, Helen dug with her hands until she got to the roots. She pulled five potatoes off the root, and then heaped the earth back so the root was protected. She did the same with the second plant, uncovering the root then digging her fingers into the soil to pull out a potato. She felt something mushy ooze between her fingers. Her hand was plastered with rotten potato.'Mom!' Helen rushed to the tap by the side of the house. 'Look what I found under the plant.'

Mom smiled as Helen washed her hands. 'This rotten potato is the one we planted for seed. The new potato plant sprouted from it.' Mom's voice turned serious. 'You know, Helen, this rotten potato reminds us of a great Bible truth.'

'What's that, Mom?' Helen wanted to know.

'A new plant came because this potato died. The Bible says it's like that with us. Our physical body dies, but when Jesus comes again, we are raised a spiritual body.'

'Wow!' Helen looked at the remains of the rotten potato, then at the lovely big new potato plant. Then she took Mom's hand and walked into the house with the potatoes she had picked.

Prayer: Thank you, God, for Your promise that we will be raised with glorious new bodies when Jesus comes. Amen.

Frieda Martens. Winnipeg, Canada.

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Peter knocked at the door and a girl named Rhoda came. She knew Peter's voice right away and was so happy she forgot to open the door. She ran back to tell the others, 'Peter's at the door.'

'No,' they said. 'Can't be. You imagine it. Or maybe it's Peter's spirit.' They knew Peter was in jail. Maybe they thought Herod had already killed Peter. They were praying for Peter's release and safety - but they didn't seem to think that God had already answered their prayers.

Peter kept knocking. Finally, they opened the door. Sure enough, it was Peter. Everybody was astonished.

When they settled down, Peter told them how the Lord had brought him out of prison. He also told them to spread the word of his release to other followers of Jesus. Then Peter left to go somewhere else. He knew Herod would be mad when he found out, and Peter didn't want to get others into trouble for helping him.

Prayer: Father, thank You that You hear and answer prayer, even when we hardly expect it. Amen.

Peter must have slept very well. When God sent His angel to help Peter, the angel had to give Peter more than a polite prod with his fingers to waken Peter. Peter needed a good smack on the side to wake him up.

'Arise quickly!' the angel said. Peter lifted his arms to show the chains that held him - and his chains fell off!

Then the angel said, 'Get dressed and follow me.'

Peter thought he was dreaming. What a nice dream. He and the angel walked past the first set of guards. Then, the second set of guards. Out through the iron gates and into the city where his friends were praying.

It wasn't a dream! They got to a certain street and the angel left. Peter knew exactly which house the prayer meeting was being held in. He went there, and knocked on the door. Wouldn't the people be glad to see that God had set Peter free?

Prayer: Lord, thank You that there is no power like Your power. And Your power protects me. Amen.

In Peter's day (just like today), it wasn't easy to be a follower of Jesus. The ruler, Herod, hated Christians. He had no reason to hate Christians. But people who do not love Jesus often hate those who do.

God let Herod put Peter in jail. God knew that Herod planned for Peter to be killed. But God had His own plans.

When other people who followed Jesus heard about Peter being in jail, they met together to pray. It seems they prayed all night. What do you think they were praying for? Probably, they prayed that Peter would be set free, or at least that Peter would come to no harm in jail. Maybe they prayed that Peter would tell other people in jail about Jesus.

Sixteen soldiers guarded Peter so there was no way he could escape. He had chains on his arms with a soldier chained to him on each side. The other soldiers stood at the doors with their weapons ready.

Peter didn't stay awake wondering if Herod would be able to harm him, or if his friends' prayers would help. Peter made his chains comfortable, lay down, and went to sleep. God was in charge. That was good enough for Peter.

Prayer: Lord, please help me to rest in Your care and let You look after me. Amen.

'Cindy, how did your school trip to the farm turn out yesterday?' Dad passed the breakfast cereal and reached for the milk.

'It was all about milk, Dad.' Cindy pointed to the milk jug in Dad's hand. 'We got to the farm just in time to watch farmer Brown and his workers milk the cows with a milking machine. That was really neat. Then one of the girls showed us how they separate the cream from the milk, and you know what? She gave each of us a glass of fresh cool milk with some cookies.'

'Sounds good. Was that it?'

'Oh, no. A truck came to the farm and we watched them pump the milk into a big tank on the truck. Then we scrambled into the school bus and followed the truck to the Creamery.  They showed us how they pasteurize the milk, and how they put the milk into paper cartons.'

'Sounds interesting!' Dad replied.

'Then we went to a big grocery store.' Cindy stopped to catch a quick breath. 'We watched the store clerks put the cartons of milk on the shelves for the people to buy.' She raised the carton of milk from the breakfast table and said, 'The manager gave each of us one of these to take home.'

'Great. Now drink some. Helps you grow,' Dad said.

'Can I say the prayer this morning?' Cindy asked.

Dad nodded - and Cindy prayed.

Prayer: Dear loving Lord, thank You for everybody who worked so we can have milk to drink this morning. Amen.

Jake Peters. Winnipeg, Canada.

'Mom! Are we almost there?' Five year-old Jesse yawned as he stretched his little hands to grab his teddy bear.

'Yes. There's the bus depot. We change buses once more. And it's off to Grandma's. You remember the name of her town?'

'Guada - Guala -'

'It's Guadalajara.' Gua-da-la-ja-ra,' Shirley said. 'And don't forget. It's 'ya' not 'ja'.' She smiled as she wiped the sweat from Jesse's forehead. The bus was air-conditioned, but it still felt hot.

When they got to the bus depot, they had a surprise. The bus for Guadalajara left from another depot.

'Why, Mom?' Jesse murmured as his mother helped him into a small taxi. 'You said -'

'I thought we only had to change buses,' Shirley said softly. 'But we have to go to another bus depot. I'm sorry. It'll be alright soon.'

'Adonde? Where you go?' The Mexican driver turned and smiled. <br><br> 'We're on our way to Guadalajara,' Shirley responded. 'I didn't know that it left from the other depot.

'I help you.' The driver pulled into the depot parking lot. 'Oh. There's your bus. It's leaving.' The driver leapt from the taxi and raced ahead of Shirley to stop the bus.

'Mom, is he an angel?' As Shirley paid the bus driver, Jesse's eyes followed the kind man's path back to his taxi.

'Perhaps he is, Jesse. The Bible says God gives his angels charge over us,' Shirley said quietly. Taking Jesse's hand, she guided him to a couple of empty seats.

'But would angels drive a cab?' Jesse wanted to know.

'Maybe,' Shirley replied. 'Maybe some do.'

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, that You put your angels in charge of us to guard us in our ways. Amen.

Frieda Martens. Winnipeg, Canada.