Good News from Kyrgyzstan

The First Easter Kyrgyz p4

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Bible for Children is now providing Bible stories for the children in Kyrgyzstan. There are 6 million people in Kyrgyzstan.  Only 0.7% of the population are evangelical Christians.  This picture from The First Easter shows the Kyrghiz text.  Please pray for Kyrgystan.

For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

Scott watched his Mom carefully plant some pansies in her flower garden. “Every flower looks like a little face,” Scot said.

“They do,” Mom replied. “They remind me of little children.”

Scott laughed. “Children don’t have yellow or blue faces.”

“But there are many with different colored skin.” Mother straightened up. The world is like God’s people garden, Scott. People are different.”

“You mean like Jason?” Scott asked. “He’s a different color.”

“Yes he is,” Mom said. “God likes color and variety. And God loves all of us, no matter the color. The Bible says, “God loved the world.”

“If God loves everybody does that mean everybody will go to heaven when they die?”

“If they believe in Jesus and trust Him,” Mom responded. “Everybody who believes in Jesus and trusts Him will be in heaven.”

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me enough to die for me. Help me to love others and tell them You love them, too. Amen.

(Sally Smith. Ontario, Canada.)




Good News from Slovakia

The Start of Mans Sadness Slovak p12

Good News from Slovakia 125px Flag of Slovakia.svg1

Bible for Children is now providing Bible stories for the children in Slovakia.  There are 5.4 million people in Slovakia.  Only 1.25% of the population are evangelical Christians.  This picture from The Start of Man’s Sadness shows the Slovak text.  Please pray for Slovakia.

Have you not read, out of the mouth of babes? (Matthew 21:16)

Jerry wasn’t allowed to look in his Dad’s private drawer. His friends, Danny and Herb, dared him to. So he did. And he found a bag of tobacco, cigarette paper and matches. He took enough to make three cigarettes. Then the boys went to the woodshed.

When he drove on to the yard, Jerry’s Dad heard laughter. He saw smoke coming from the open window of the wood-shed. Bursting in on the boys, he scolded them for what they were doing.  “Where did you get that evil stuff?” he shouted.

“Dad, I took it from a drawer close to your bed,” Jerry confessed.

Dad was furious. “What is in that drawer is none of your business. Do you understand?”

Jerry’s five-year old sister Emily, who had heard Dad’s voice, came into the shed. “Hi, Daddy,” she called. She ran to him and took his hand. “Ouch!” she cried.

Everybody looked at Dad’s hand. He had forgotten - he was holding a lit cigarette.

As the boys stared, Dad seemed to be searching for words. He was quiet for a long time. Then he said, “I am trying to keep you boys from forming a bad habit.” He looked at little Emily. “I’m sorry, dear.” Then he said to the boys, “And I’m sorry that I am not a good example.” He threw the cigarette out the door and stamped on it. “That is my last cigarette. And I don’t want to catch you boys smoking again, either.”

Jerry stepped close to Dad. “I won’t smoke again, Dad,” he promised.

Prayer: Lord, thank You that You can help Dads and children to know and do Your will. Amen.

(Jake Peters. Winnipeg, Canada)


Good News from Senegal

Heaven Gods Beautiful Home Wolof p13

Good News from Senegal 125px Flag of Senegal.svg1

Bible for Children is now providing Bible stories for the Wolof children in Senegal, who comprise 5.7 million people of the 15.4 million total.  Only 0.15% of the population are evangelical Christians.  This picture from Heaven God’s Beautiful Home shows the Wolof text.  Please pray for Senegal.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork . (Psalm 19:1)

“Did God really make the world?” Ralph asked his Dad. “A boy in my class said that there used to be only dust in space and strong winds blew all the dust together and that is how the world happened.”

“It just shook together?” Dad smiled. “Do you think that could happen?”

“I don’t know.” Ralph sighed. “This boy said his father doesn’t believe the Bible - he says it’s not true.”

“Just got blown together?” Dad repeated. “Tell you what, Ralph. Go get your little sister’s crossword puzzle - the one with only 12 pieces. I’m going to fix up this big fan.”

When Ralph came back Dad tumbled the puzzle pieces into a big basin and set the electric fan so it sent a strong breeze into the basin. All the pieces jumped around. “Shouldn’t be long until the puzzle comes together. This is a lot easier than making a world,” Dad said.

“I don’t think it’s going to work,” Ralph replied. And he was right. Dad let the fan blow through the whole weekend. On Monday morning, not one piece of the puzzle had linked to another.

“Now take a look at the heavens, Ralph. The sun, the moon, the stars; do you really think they could just happen? Think about Spring-time and harvest. Could all that happen by chance? And do you think that something as wonderful as you being born as a baby and growing up could just happen because the wind blew some dust? No.” Dad put his hand on Ralph’s shoulder. “God made everything that exists.”

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You that You are the great Creator and that You love everything You made. Amen.


Good News from Croatia

When God Made Everything Croatian p12

Good News from the Croatia 125px Flag of Croatia.svg1

Bible for Children is now providing Bible stories for the children in Croatia.  There are 4.2 million people in Croatia.  Only 0.4% of the population are evangelical Christians.  This picture from When God Made Everything shows the Croatian text.  Please pray for Croatia.

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. (Ephesians 6:10)

God told Moses, “I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” These were men from long ago who started the Hebrew nation. God had made promises to each one. Now the time had come for God to fulfill these promises, starting with a rescue mission. God planned to set the Hebrews free - and Moses was going to be the tool God used.

But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh, and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt?” Moses knew he couldn’t do a job like this.

“I will certainly be with you,” God told Moses. “When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall serve Me on this mountain.”

God promised His presence and His success. God was trying to help Moses understand that when He asks somebody to do a job, He is always present to give success.

Do you know what God wants you to do? If you do, don’t make excuses like Moses. God will be with you, and you will have success.

Prayer:  Dear God, You are so amazing.  Thank you for always helping me to do Your will. Amen.

Good News from Kenya

The Birth of Jesus Kikuyu p11

Good News from Kenya 125px Flag of Kenya.svg1

Bible for Children is now providing Bible stories for the Kikuyu children in Kenya.  About 22% of the 49 million people in Kenya are Kikuyu.  About 44% of Kenya’s people are evangelical Christians.  This picture from The Birth of Jesus shows the Kikuyu text.  Please pray for Kenya.

You are the God-Who-Sees. (Genesis 16:13)

After days of travel, Moses arrived at a well. He saw some women trying to get water for their flocks. But the men-shepherds were pushing them away. Moses helped the women.

Their father took Moses into his home and gave him a job as a shepherd. Later, Moses married one of his daughters.

It looked like Moses was settled. But, one special day, Moses was grazing the sheep when he noticed a bush on fire. Even though the bush was in flames, it didn’t burn up. When Moses went closer, a Voice said, “Take off your shoes. This is holy ground.” Moses knew that this was the Voice of God.

That special day, God told Moses what He wanted Moses to do. God wanted Moses to go back to Egypt, go to the palace, and tell the king that God wanted him to set the Hebrew people free from slavery.

Moses was scared. He didn’t want to do it. After all, he had run away from the palace in fear. He was a wanted man.

Do you think God was able to change Moses’ mind?

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You that You know where I am right now - please help me to know what You want me to do. Amen.



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