Bible For Children Newsletter

Embed Bible For Children Stories on your website

We have released the new iframe page for Bible For Children stories right on your website. This wrapper is now responsive and will adapt along with your website. 

To add the iframe please use this code:

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="1750px" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

Replace the language in the url string (in the example above "english") with the desired language, all in lowercase. 

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Make videos of Bible Stories with your own voice for children and grandchildren

Bible for Children is excited to offer you the opportunity to make your own personalized readings of our Bible stories for your children and grandchildren.  Bible for Children grants you the right to use our stories to produce videos for your children and grandchildren.
This can be done in any language!

Many people now have smartphones or tablets which can record videos.  Many people are also using YouTube to upload these videos for others to enjoy.  Now you can use these same technologies to leave a lasting memorial for your children and grandchildren.

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Summer is here with some new updates

Over the past couple months we have been busy. Here is a little of what we have been up to and some new features that you can look forward to on our website.

Brand new template. 

We have redone our website template with a new summer look. We also expanded the borders to make room for new columns of stories which are now available in most languages.

 New Languages

We now have our stories available in 48 different languages with the latest being Napalese and Italian.

New Power Point Format

Power Point has now been added as a column and we have begun converting and uploading Power Point file.

Take some time to check out the website in your language and enjoy. We have many more features planned in the next couple months. Stay tuned for more.

Merry Christmas from Bible For Children

Jesus is the Reason for the Season - Merry Christmas. I thank each and every one who has prayed for and supported BFC in so many ways this past year.  Together we have obeyed our Lord, and we trust all the results into His hands.  As we reach out to the children of the world, let us not forget our own children and grandchildren.  They also need Jesus.  They also need our love and prayers.  May you have wonderful family times this Christmas.