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Make videos of Bible Stories with your own voice for children and grandchildren

Bible for Children is excited to offer you the opportunity to make your own personalized readings of our Bible stories for your children and grandchildren.  Bible for Children grants you the right to use our stories to produce videos for your children and grandchildren.
This can be done in any language!

Many people now have smartphones or tablets which can record videos.  Many people are also using YouTube to upload these videos for others to enjoy.  Now you can use these same technologies to leave a lasting memorial for your children and grandchildren.

 We have made a sample Bible story.

Gideon's Little Army from bfcstory on GodTube.

We used a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone with 720p setting to make the sample Bible story.  This creates a very large file size, about 200MB for a 3 minute video.  Most of our Bible stories would require 5 minutes to read, which would create a 350MB file, too large for GodTube.  Some phones and tablets are able to create lower quality videos with smaller file sizes.

We used a simple setup to record the story, with the Z10 focused on a computer screen which displayed the story.  A big help was the little “vise-grip” to hold the Z10, which minimized the jiggling of the picture.  The Z10 was mounted in the horizontal (landscape) position. [ If a vertical position is used, the picture will be much smaller in the video.]  Grandma moved the Z10 so that Grandpa could be in the picture.  If Grandpa does not want to be in the picture, then the smartphone can be fixed upon the computer screen.  We recorded after dark, so there would not be reflections on the computer screen from our windows. 

Here is a picture of the setup.


If you do not have a computer screen from which to record, there are some Apps that allow recording the smartphone or tablet screen itself, while also recording your voice.  These are video screen recorder Apps, and they cost very little, but we have not tested them.

Please let us know how this is working for you, and if you have any questions. 

We appreciate any suggestions of how we can improve the whole concept.

Also, please record your own stories and send us the link!