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Bible for Children is now providing Bible stories for the children in Slovakia.  There are 5.4 million people in Slovakia.  Only 1.25% of the population are evangelical Christians.  This picture from The Start of Man’s Sadness shows the Slovak text.  Please pray for Slovakia.

Have you not read, out of the mouth of babes? (Matthew 21:16)

Jerry wasn’t allowed to look in his Dad’s private drawer. His friends, Danny and Herb, dared him to. So he did. And he found a bag of tobacco, cigarette paper and matches. He took enough to make three cigarettes. Then the boys went to the woodshed.

When he drove on to the yard, Jerry’s Dad heard laughter. He saw smoke coming from the open window of the wood-shed. Bursting in on the boys, he scolded them for what they were doing.  “Where did you get that evil stuff?” he shouted.

“Dad, I took it from a drawer close to your bed,” Jerry confessed.

Dad was furious. “What is in that drawer is none of your business. Do you understand?”

Jerry’s five-year old sister Emily, who had heard Dad’s voice, came into the shed. “Hi, Daddy,” she called. She ran to him and took his hand. “Ouch!” she cried.

Everybody looked at Dad’s hand. He had forgotten - he was holding a lit cigarette.

As the boys stared, Dad seemed to be searching for words. He was quiet for a long time. Then he said, “I am trying to keep you boys from forming a bad habit.” He looked at little Emily. “I’m sorry, dear.” Then he said to the boys, “And I’m sorry that I am not a good example.” He threw the cigarette out the door and stamped on it. “That is my last cigarette. And I don’t want to catch you boys smoking again, either.”

Jerry stepped close to Dad. “I won’t smoke again, Dad,” he promised.

Prayer: Lord, thank You that You can help Dads and children to know and do Your will. Amen.

(Jake Peters. Winnipeg, Canada)


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