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Indeed, now I know that there is no God in all the earth, except in Israel. 2 Kings 5:15

Naaman, an important officer in the Syrian army, had come to Israel for one purpose. To be healed of leprosy. God used the prophet Elisha to heal Naaman. Now Naaman was healthy and strong. What would he do next? He was probably eager to go home to his family and friends and say, 'Look! My leprosy is healed.' But there was something else that Naaman did first. He went back to Elisha's house.

'Please take a gift from your servant,' Naaman begged Elisha. He wanted to show his gratitude. But Elisha would take nothing.

'Then please give me two mule-loads of earth,' Naaman asked, 'for I will no longer worship or offer sacrifices to other gods, but only to the Lord.'

It was as if Naaman wanted to take a little piece of the Holy Land back to Syria with him so he  could offer worship to God on Israel's soil. Naaman really meant business about worshipping only the Lord God.

Prayer: Lord, give me a heart that is grateful for all Your goodness to me and help me to worship You alone. Amen.

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