Good News from India

The Birth of Jesus Kannauji

Good News from India

Bible for Children is now providing Bible stories for the children in India who speak Kannauji.  There are 9.5 million people who speak this language.  This picture from The Birth of Jesus shows the Kannauji text.  Please pray for India.

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints.  Psalm 116:15

Jessica didn’t know what to say. Inside, she felt like crying. As Mom prayed and thanked God that Aunt Rachel wasn’t suffering any more, Jessica thought, “Why did You let her die, God?  I will miss her so much.”

Mom said ‘Amen’ and took Jessica’s hand. “I know you’re sad, my dear. She’s gone from us for a time. God has now welcomed Aunt Rachel home to heaven.” Mom picked up a beautiful candle nestled in a fancy gift box.

“She wanted you to have this - to remind you to let the light of God shine in your life, just as she let it shine in hers.”

“Thank you, Mom,” Rachel whispered. “I won’t ever light it. I’ll keep it -”

“Oh, but I think Aunt Rachel would want you to use it.”

“It’ll burn out.”

“Before it does, it will give light to others,” Mom said softly.

“Just like Aunt Rachel did,” Jessica replied. “I think that God is happy because Aunt Rachel is with Him.”

Mother smiled. “It’s precious to God,” she said.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for having a home in heaven for Your people - and that You welcome us there.  Amen.

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